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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyID?
MyID is your main log-in credential used to access applications and services across the TWDC organization. If you are an employee who received a company email address: MyID is your email address, and corresponding password.If you are an employee who did not receive a company email address: Use the ‘company-assigned ID’ and password to log in. Note: This could be your SAP ID or the account you use to log into your workstation. If you are one of our external business partners, representing another organization: MyID is the ID that has been assigned to you by your contact at The Walt Disney Company.
What if I forgot my password or my password doesn't work?
Company ID: Please click here . Email: If you forgot your email password, please contact the Disney IT Support Center at 1-866-534-7639. All Others: Please contact your local IT Help Desk External Business Partners: Please contact your TWDC representative for further assistance with MyID Login.
My question isn't listed. What should I do?
Please contact the Disney IT Support Center at 1-866-534-7639. External business partners, please contact your TWDC representative for assistance with MyID Login. All others: call your local IT Support Help Desk
What is Two-Step Verification?
A quick and simple one-time enrollment that provides a faster, secure user experience when working outside the Disney network.
Why do I need Two-step Verification?
This extra layer of security significantly reduces the risk of anyone else using your account to access the Disney network, even if they manage to get your password.
When will I need to use Two-Step Verification?
We are gradually rolling out Two-Step Verification with Disney applications and sites. When you access these applications from off the Disney network, you will be required to sign in with both steps.
How do I find out more information or get help enrolling in Two-Step Verification?
More information about enrolling and using two-step verification can be found on DToolsIT by searching “two-step verification”.
If I have a Safenet/MobilePass token do I need to enroll in Two-Step enrollment?
Yes, Two-Step Verification is a new and more streamlined solution for accessing TWDC sites, and over time will replace the SafeNet/MobilePass solution.
How will I know if enrollment is successful?
You will receive a confirmation email and you will be able to access your applications that require Two-Step Verification.